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Chris Crowe

This is a great post. It inspires me to be my best in hopes that my daughter feels the same way about me. Thanks for sharing!

thomas bascio

I was stationed with your father in Juneau, Ak. My wife and I visited him in manitou springs, co. He is truly a remarkable man. Love his humor and attitude toward life. A complete joy to be in his presence.

Matt Reynolds


For some strange reason thoughts of your father came upon me today while I was working. I was stationed at Ft. Carson back in the mid 90's and because of the difficulties I was having in my marriage came to see his wife for her psychic help. Yes, it is true.

Though I remember little about the actual reading, I recall with fond reminiscence your father and I hitting it off like old friends. Of particular interest is his "magic". I remember him showing me the old standby "Scotch and Soda", which immediately had me hooked. We also spoke about sales and marketing, which is what I currently do as a living.

It is because of this chance meeting that I am where I am today. Your father sparked a life-long interest in magic and the variety arts for me. I have since found a wonderful part-time hobby-turned-business performing magic at family and community events, birthday parties, etc. I also became a Professional Clown and am still an active member of SAM and COAI.

I don't know why your dad was on my mind today but I thought I'd "Google" his name, which I never forgot. I don't even know what I planned to do if I found anything.

I guess I just want to say, "Thanks, Zeezo!" for giving a young soldier hope during his most desparate time and for sharing your magic. It is both appreciated and unforgotten.

I'm sure your father no longer remembers who I am or the circumstances of our meeting. However, that single day changed me and has helped me become the person I am today.

If you see him pass the word on. Small things can and do make a difference. At least in my book!

~Matt Reynolds
10 Harrison Avenue
South Glens Falls, NY 12803

Matt Reynolds

Your dad and I just spoke! Thanks for putting us back in touch. Of course, he didn't remember me but I was sure to remind him of his great inspiration. I appreciate your help! Be blessed!

~Matt :)


A truly inspiring story. I wish now that I had heard this when I was a kid. Maybe then I would not have turned out as I have. But I am on the Road towards Redemption... and God only know where that road may lead me too.

Thanks for this story.

Fred Brito

Also: See "Salesman or cheater, what I learned from an honest clown"
By Richard Haddad, The Daily Courier. It is Priceless!



Zeezo the Clown was such a big part of my childhood. He would appear in person at our local Safeway every year.

Whenever I saw his poster advertising his show, I could hardly wait until the big event.

In a child's eyes, he was as legendary and iconic as Elvis or any other superstar of the 70's.

I can remember the thrill of seeing him drive up in his little Model T, the apple balloons for the babies, the rocket balloons for the kids, the pocket changing knives and multiplying rabbit magic tricks, every detail right down to the safety cones placed around the performance area.

In fact now at 43 years of age, I can remember his appearance like it was yesterday.

Larry "ZEEZO" Campbell has been such a big inspiration to me that I ventured into the world of show business as a Ventriloquist. Since then I've traveled the world with my act.

I even tracked down the Model T manufacturer and had them build me a car with the same color scheme as Zeezo. I've driven it on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry many times.

So my hats off to ZEEZO. He inspired me to "manufacture smiles" many years ago and perhaps his appearance at our small town Safeway was just another day at the job, but for me, it changed my life.

Thanks ZEEZO!

Mr. Shannon Schrum

Hank Fox

Ha. Weird. I was on vacation in Colorado in about 1972, and my buddies and I got a huge laugh out of a vehicle with a big sign on the side: "Zeezo the Clown." At the time we said, "We'll always remember Zeezo the Clown!" And we did. Interesting to hear there's a story behind that chance encounter.

James Eggimann


I cam across this post and I had to comment...

What amazing inspiration I received from my days working at Zeezo's in Ft. Collins. It is easy to reflect back now and realize how much of an impact something makes. Much of what Richie Haddad said is exactly the same for myself! (I went to Poudre HS, and Richie went to Rocky Mouatain...we worked together)I am now a succesful hotel sales manager for a major chain and I would not at all be where I am if it was not for my experience at Zeezo's. My career is based on making sure my clients receive exactly what they expect for thier money. Trust, honesty, respect, and Integrity is what my first job at Zeezo's taught me and I am so blessed to have met Larry on several occasions and even today, as I still dabble as a magician, I am proud to say my multiplying sponge rabbits routine is an homage to Zeezo himself after seeing him perform it countless times. By far my favorite of all he does! Thanks for listening and letting me share back how much I truly appreciated having what even today was the best job I ever had in the world! I miss those days!



Thank you, For this Great and Wonderful post. It brought back some of the joy and love that I had for this warm, gentle and caring person, That, You and Brother called dad. I, was only around Him and his family for a short time span of My life.

Thank You, for sharing the memories with me, once again. My thoughts and prayers go out too You, Him and the rest of the family.

Dave Cheadle

Hi... what fun to research all of this! Does anyone know which Denver-area Safeway is pictured behind Zeezo in the above shot? I wonder if it's the old Safeway in Englewood, Colorado... where I live? - Thanks, Dave

Mike Peterson

Probably the Safeway at Bonnie Acres in Colorado Springs -- the old North End.


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